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jsSignature for Omnis Studio

jsSignature is a java script client control for Omnis Studio that provides sophisticated signature capturing from any device that supports a java script enabled browser. Ideal for placing signatures on digitally produced documents. 

Main Features

  • Configurable text prompt and border
  • Sophisticated signature reproduction
  • Server based base64 asset conversion to PNG
  • Omnis IDE design components for Windows and Macintosh

Minimum Requirements

Omnis Studio

Omnis Studio 8.1.2


macOS version 10.9 or better


Windows 7 or better


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Sign and Print


Using jsSignature and PDFDevice*, signing and printing to PDF is simplicity itself. Use our easy to follow basic examples to solve your signing needs in next to no time.

Pen features

Our signature control is not just about reproducing simple pen strokes as lines or curves. It offers a range of features that facilitate a more natural reproduction of a signature on a range of devices. The sharpness properties ($sigpenstartsharpness and $sigpenendsharpness) and the pen thickness property ($sigpenthickness) together with detection of the speed of the stroke help jsSignature to simulate the natural pressure variants at the beginning and end of typical signature strokes. 


Both jsSignature and PDFDevice support transparency with PNG images, thus signatures can be captured and placed over any part of a target document. Furthermore, when using the transparency feature, jsSignature allows the developer to overlay an entire page with the signature control, so that it is valid to capture the signature anywhere on the page. This allows the client to sign on a digital screen in as large a space as possible in order to produce natural signature strokes. Then coupled with the trimming feature (see property $trimsignature), the signature area can be extracted and reproduced in the proper place on the document for printing ... or the signature can be printed exactly where it was placed by the client, without any trimming.

with trim

without trim

* requires additional PDFDevice server license. Contact sales for special offers on combo licenses.
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