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jsSignature for Omnis Studio


jsSignature is a java script client control for Omnis Studio that provides sophisticated signature capturing from any device that supports a java script enabled browser. Ideal for placing signatures on digitally produced documents. 

Price: unlimited servers deployment 400,- *
Buy jsSignature and PDFDevice for Studio 6, 8 or 10 for the combined price of 600 (unlimited server license).
Contact sales for further details.*

provides staggering performance (prints direct to binary variable), superior image quality and compression, automatic bookmarks, multi-report printing, PDF/A support and much more.

* this offer includes 12 months free maintenance. Maintenance thereafter is charged at 30% of the standard annual license fee.
Note: technical support is not included and is required for receiving support feedback and patch releases for software errors.

Main Features
  • Configurable text prompt and border
  • Sophisticated signature reproduction
  • Server based base64 asset conversion to PNG
  • Omnis IDE design components for Windows and Macintosh
Supported Platforms


Mac OS X 10.6 or better*


Windows 7 or better*
* requires browser with HTML 5 support.

Supported Omnis Versions

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Omnis Studio JavaScript Client version 6.0.2 or better


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