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LDAP external command set for Omnis Classic and
                                     oLDAP non-visual object for Omnis Studio


One price, two components, LDAP Classic external and oLDAP Studio non-visual object.

Price: 630,- * (unlimited license)

* technical support is not included and is required for receiving support feedback and patch releases for software errors.

Main Features
  • External command set based on LDAP version 3
  • Commands for manipulating attribute collections
  • Read and write attributes
Supported Platforms


Mac OS X 10.6 or better


Windows 7 or better
Supported Omnis Versions

Omnis Studio

Omnis Studio all  non-Unicode versions

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Omnis Studio all Unicode versions (requires LDAP version 1.2 or better)

Omnis Classic

Omnis Classic version 7.3.x (Compatibility tested with 7.3.8)


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