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oCal-Enhanced Calendar for Omnis Studio



Powerful enhanced calendar control for Omnis Studio Desktop with features such as month, week, day views, drag&drop events, resize events and more...

You build the list, oCal does the rest.


OCal Brochure
oCal Brochure


Main Features
  • Replaces your existing calendar control seamlessly
  • Totally configurable events list
  • Various view options (standard month, week, day, any number of days)
  • Powerful Drag & Drop features
  • Display icons, text and times in event box
  • Flexible event layers with a possible 255 event groups.
  • Configurable event colors on per event basis
  • Programmable interface
  • Open source working examples
  • All-day and list event views
  • Digest views
  • Display Templates
  • Group Views

and more

Supported Platforms


Mac OS X 10.6 or better


Windows 7 or better

Supported Omnis Versions

Omnis Studio

Omnis Studio non-Unicode version 4.3 or better

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Omnis Studio Unicode version 4.3 / 5.0 or better
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